Private Lessons are essential for every musician's development, regardless of their experience and skill level. I currently offer private lessons in the following musical disciplines:

     Composition & Music Theory

     Conducting & Score Study

     Voice (Classical and Musical Theatre)

Listed below are descriptions of my studio curriculum, policies, and pricing options. If you would like more information or are interested in enrolling in private lessons, please click the linkbelow.


*Brandon Di Noto with one of his voice students after a studio recital in December 2018.

Studio Curriculum & First Lesson Assessments

During the first lesson, I will assess the current skills, knowledge and musicianship of the student to see where we should begin. In a Composition & Theory Assessment, I will give the student a short test similar to a high school or college level placement test. In a Conducting & Score Study Assessment, I will give the student short examples to conduct at sight and short questions on score study. In a Voice Assessment, I will examine the student's range, sight-sining and breathing abilities, and also will give them tonal memory exercises.

Upon completion of the Assessments, I will place the student and we will begin lessons at one of the corresponding levels below:


Beginning: an introduction to basic keyboard harmony and chord progression; projects include piano music and art songs.

Intermediate: an exploration of extended harmonic progressions and techniques; projects include string ensemble and choral music, with some input from students.


Advanced: focus is placed on extended orchestration techniques and integration of tonal and non-tonal techniques, more focus placed on projects; projects include music for full orchestra, choir & orchestra and other ensemble combinations, with more input from students.


Beginning: an introduction to the basics of conducting patterns and gesture; with a brief introduction to score study and preparation.

Intermediate: students, with my guidance, will select certain scores to study and prepare in the lesson; emphasis placed on specific aspects of the gesture: dynamics, articulation and expression.

Advanced: students will choose and bring in scores to study and conduct; I will also assign them a masterwork to study and conduct.


Beginning: an introduction to proper singing and breathing techniques with emphasis on sight-singing; songs chosen by me.

Intermediate: introduction to more difficult songs from the standard musical theatre and opera repertory, with more sight-reading and musicianship training; songs chosen by me, with some student input.

Advanced: in preparation for public performances such as a musical, opera or audition of some type, with emphasis on diction, tone and breath; songs chosen by student, with some input from me.

Studio Policies


Students are expected to be on time for each lesson, early if possible, to ensure each lesson starts at the pre-determined time. If a student is more than ten minutes late to a lesson without communicating their delay, the lesson will be cancelled and will not be refunded. When the student knows in advance that they will not be able to attend their regular lesson, I will work with them to schedule a make-up lesson.


Practice is crucial for the development of musicianship at every level. Students are expected to practice each week in order to prepare for the next lesson, and track growth in their field. I suggest that all my students in half-hour lessons should practice at least 30 minutes each day; and students in hour lessons should practice at least 60 minutes each day. At the beginning of each lesson, the student and I will discuss their practice across the previous week.


My Studio is designed to offer private lessons in two formats. Format One: week to week lessons for students that desire an introductory of brief study into the field of music. Format Two: month to month lessons comprising of four lessons each month for students who have specific goals in regard to improving their musicianship. My rates for each option are listed below:


30 Min. Lessons

Week to Week: $40 Per Lesson

One Month: $100 for 4 Lessons

60 Min. Lessons

Week to Week: $60 Per Lesson

One Month: $160 for 4 Lessons